First date

Our first date together as a couple – click on the photo to read more

Her version


As photography is a common interest between Quentin and I we thought that it would be fun to go for a photography evening with our cameras, tripods, and in my case lots of clothing layers that would keep me warm. We enjoyed setting up our cameras and running through the long exposures and posing in them to get ghostly figures. We did start to get hungry though so I suggested to Quentin that we go to the Belgian beer pub in Mission Bay as I wanted him to try the yummy cherry beer they had there. (He isn’t really into beer so I thought a chick beer would be more suitable). We ended up sharing a big bowl of fries and having a cheery beer, followed by a walk along the waterfront which was windy and FREEZING!! Lucky for me I had my big fleecy blanket with me which I wrapped around myself as we walked. Our evening ended with us both sitting on a bench freezing in the wind with the blanket wrapped around us entirely so that it even covered our heads. No kiss yet though…

His version


Our first date, hmmmm lets see, I remember Emma asking me if I would like be keen to go photograph the city from mission bay. Being a hobby of mine and wanting to spend sometime with Emma I agreed to it. So I picked her up from her house and headed to Mission bay. When I picked her up she looked like a warm cuddle bunny. She had layered herself with so many pieces of clothing that I thought she was expecting a frost of some sort. We arrived at Mission Bay and started to photograph the city. I enjoyed photographing with her that evening. As the night progressed she suggested having dinner at the Belgian Beer pub. I’m not a beer drinker so Emma suggested a cherry beer with fries. Not to long after I suggested going for a walk on the beach seeing that she is covered in so man layers. We headed to the car to grab a blanket and made our way down to the beach for a short stroll. Wasn’t long after that Emma almost froze and suggested to sit on the bench. As I wrapped her under her blanket she pulled me close and covered my head alongside hers. The night ended with me taking her home and giving her a hug good night.  

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