First Meeting

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Her version


It was a busy day at church and my mum and I managed to get seats right at the back of the church. Quentin was late however and him and his friends had to get chairs to sit on which they did behind my mum and I. Now because the service was packed and we had a girl preaching on nailing things to the cross, there were not enough of the token pieces of cloth left on the seats for all the congregation to ceremonially nail to the cross. During the service we were told to greet the people around us so I turned around and said “you’re Quentin aren’t you?” He was surprised I knew his name already and started talking to me. Now just so you know I didn’t know his name because I had been watching him, but because the week before Andrew our pastor had singled him out during the service and mentioned his name, and I am generally pretty good with names. Anyway, so because I am not really one for ceremony, I gave my piece of cloth to Quentin so that he could take part in the service. At the end of the service he became very persistent and insisted that I take the piece of cloth and it became a little light hearted argument between us as we tried to force it on each other. We ended up both going forward and I held the cloth while he stapled it to the cross. This was my first warning as to how persistent Quentin really is!

After church a few of the gang and myself went out for lunch at the food court in Pakuranga plaza. Quentin was also there. He had forgotten his eftpos card and so asked to borrow his brother’s to get food. This meant that he had to wait a while before he could order anything. I had my eftpos card and I wanted to go get myself something but he forced me to wait until he could also go by stealing my eftpos card. This should have been my first indication that Quentin had some sort of interest in me as it is common knowledge that boys start to irritate girls when they fancy them but it didn’t occur to me at the time. During lunch Quentin also stole my phone and hid it. This should have been my second indication.

My first impression of the guy that is now to be my husband was that he was a very nice but very persistent, slightly irritating boy that I was interested in having a friendship with but had no romantic feelings towards. Who would have known…

His version


It was a normal Sunday service at church like every Sunday morning. I woke up, got ready and headed to church with the family. It was not till then – when i froze – that I noticed this pretty girl in a leather jacket with beautiful blond hair. Now, before I go on with my story, at this point I was already in love with her and she didn’t even know it. She ticked all my boxes; blond hair, cute smile, wearing a leather jacket and…. THE BLUE EYES! Oh my word, did those blue eyes stand out! Those eyes made me melt… I walked into the room and just stood there staring at her. I couldn’t help myself but stare at her blue eyes… All I could think was how pretty she is. Have you ever had that moment where you wish your moment became a reality? That was my moment. I wished I had a girl like her. A girl I would love and treat like my Queen. “QUENTIN”, yelled Francois. Apparently Francois called me a couple times to come sit down but I was so glued into my own little world that I did’t even hear him call me. Finally I responded to him and suddenly, “BOOF” daydream vanished.

I remember us being a little late for the service and hunting for empty chairs. The only empty chairs we could find was behind ‘the blue eyed girl.’ We made our way to the back row. As I was about to sit down I heard this soft voice, “Hi Quentin.” How did this ‘blue eyed girl’ know my name? I didn’t even know her name BUT she knew mine. Did I miss something here? Have we met before? If I did, how on earth did I not remember her face? Well, I responded only with a word ‘hi’ and soft smile. Wasn’t till later in the service that we had to nail this piece of cloth to the cross and I insisted that she took mine. I remember her being a little persistent, so I compromised with her and we both went up and nailed the cloth to the cross.

Usually after church, the younger youth meet up for lunch at the food court. We arrived at the food court but I forgot my eftpos card for some strange reason. Non the less, Emma was there as well and waiting for me patiently cause I stole her card. Why I stole her card… I wouldn’t have a clue, but as a result we started to introduce one another. This was were I started getting to know this ‘blue eyed girl’ – Emma.


  1. by Tim on May 12, 2013  3:43 am Reply

    Cute story Emma ... even first 'little hearted argument' haha

  2. by Chris on May 27, 2013  8:39 am Reply

    Cute story. I knew it Quentin like to steal things!!! haha joke ;)

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