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Her version

I made the proposal a little bit difficult for Quentin. Theoretically a girl only gets proposed to once so I told him that it had better be a good one. I told him it is a good opportunity for a guy to show his creativity. I don’t remember but I think I may also have jokingly said that I might say no if he hadn’t put in any effort for the proposal. No pressure right? Poor guy… Anyhow he had planned to propose to me on New Years Eve 2012 while we were in Whangarei with my brother and his family and had even gone out to buy a temporary ring for the occasion. He asked my brother to film us at New Year so that he would have the proposal on film. I didn’t know any of this. Living with three young kids is something I’m not used to so I was a little more tired than usual and had gotten ready for bed early and changed into my pyjamas cos I was too tired to survive the evening. While my family laboriously played balderdash all evening, (they were all tired too but had stayed up especially to witness the proposal), I napped on the couch. Come midnight my brother Lance had the camera on me and I was irritated as I didn’t want my pyjama’d self on film. When he wouldn’t take the camera off me and Quentin kept insisting that I get over it (in a nicer way) I stormed off to my room and slammed the door. Oh well, I just gave him another opportunity to be creative (not that proposing at New Year is really that creative).

About a week after New Year while my brother and his family were still staying with us my dad rung up Quentin’s family to invite them to come for desert and meet my brother. Quentin’s dad seemed overly keen but I didn’t say anything I just thought “he must really be happy to get to meet my family!” Anyway when they arrived for desert Quentin’s dad had Quentin’s laptop under his arm. I thought “hmm that’s really weird maybe Quentin is going to use it somehow to propose.” I told Quentin this and he told me not to ruin everything. I kind of forgot about that and I must fill you in on something. A few weeks before this I had told Quentin that I wouldn’t mind seeing Greece the movie again so he had put it on a memory stick for me although we hadn’t had a chance to watch it yet. Anyhow someone mentioned Greece during desert and my brother mentioned Olivia Newton John… twice… and then started to get a little irritating when he started humming Greece songs. Everyone else seemed interested in Greece the musical too which was weird because my parents hate musicals. Someone, maybe my brother mentioned he wouldn’t mind watching it again, so Quentin pipes up and says “I have Greece on my memory stick!” So he plugged the memory stick into his laptop (how convenient) and plugged his laptop into the tv and we all stared watching Greece. I whispered to mum that it wasn’t a very social thing to do, watching a movie instead of talking. Asti my sister in law asked for the subtitles to be put on which is normal for my family because mum doesn’t hear as well as us and likes to read the words she may have missed. During the first musical number I noticed the subtitles didn’t match up and were about Emma surfing by me and getting a cramp and Quentin being a stag. Then it carried on and it said “will Emma marry me now, tell me now, tell me now!” Quentin jumped up off the couch like he had pood his pants and came back with a huge Christmas cracker. When we popped it it had a little jewellery box inside. I waited a while before saying yes. Who could say no to that!

His version

HiimWhere do I start? . . . Third time lucky I got her to say YES! My first attempt went down the drain when I tried proposing to her on new years eve midnight with the family waiting patiently by my side. We were all playing a game called Baldadash (I assume that’s how one spells it) Anyway, come midnight I went to fetch a ring which I bought that same day. It was only a simple ring cause Emma was having a custom ring made at the time. 10 seconds to midnight I wake Emma up and had Lance (Her brother) ready with a camera. OH BOY! Did the idea of having a camera set her off like a rocket…. She was so upset that she stormed off to her room… Left me with a ring and no girl to put it on. I was sad… Ah well, being a guy you get over these sort of things pretty quick. I understood that she was tired and didn’t really want a camera in her face after being ready for bed. Non the less, my second attempt of proposing went down the drain as well. I was going to propose to her through this game Baldadash. In a nut shell, you have to guess and write down a definition that is closest to the word that was being read out. The person who chooses the correct word wins points. I thought of writing down, “Emma, would you marry me?” It might seem like a silly idea to you but once you understand how the game works,  you will see that it fits in quit well.

The second attempt failed because Emma guessed my proposal idea on the day I was going to ask. We were having breakfast and Emma said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if Quentin proposed to me through Boldedash by writing down, will you marry me, and having someone read it out?” My heart just sunk and I told her that she ruined my idea. GRRRRR Talk about girls wanting to make a mans life difficult. Attempt two out the window. Week later, on the 7th January, I had a pre-staged plan with the family to get Lance wanting to hint that he wants to watch Grease again. Just so you know, Emma and I wanted to watch Grease a couple months ago but never had the chance to. I got Lance to talk about Olivia Newton John. He sure did a good job by secretly convincing Emma and the family to watch the movie again. Wasn’t long after I had the movie set up and we started watching Grease.

A week before the proposal I had this idea of editing the words of the song  – summer loving  – from the movie Grease. I changed the words so that it reflected on Emma and myself. Ill try get a copy online so that you guys can have a look at it yourselves. Roughly 14 minutes into the movie, the words started changing and Emma’s facial expressions had question marks written all over it. Wasn’t till couple seconds later I jumped up and dashed for a gift box that contained this giant Christmas cracker which Asti and Erika bought for me. Just as the song was about to finish I handed Emma this cracker and she opened it to find a box with a ring inside. I opened the ring, went on one knee and popped the question, “Emma Rose Wolters, will you marry me?”

The End.

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