Time together

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Her version


Quentin and I started dating on October 21st 2011. We have come from two slightly different cultural backgrounds and have somehow had to learn to merge the two together to get our own little concoction of a relationship. Even though we haven’t been together that long, we have seen each other pretty much every day and have had to learn to deal with each other’s upsides and downsides. It was actually pretty hard to begin with but we are both stronger more empathetic people as an outcome. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. I know he will always hang up his towels, keep the bathroom clean and help me with the cooking and laundry. I also know that he’s the type of guy to brush his teeth regularly enough to have fresh breath for me and make me breakfast in bed just because he wants to. I’m a lucky girl.

His version


Building a relationship with a total stranger then progressing onto dating Emma and finally getting married to her on the 8th June this year has been and will continue on being a wonderful experience. Many people say that building a relationship with your partner isn’t easy and that relationships don’t last long. Well, that can be true if your not willing to form a new life with your partner. We as individuals get choices in life, and for those who choose to be stubborn will fail and lose the one they love. Since I first started dating Emma, we had many upsides and a few downsides. It wasn’t always easy to understand things from her perspective and nor was it easy for her to see it from my point of view. Yes, we had a couple of arguments and fights on who is right and who is wrong, you said this and you said that… But in reality – personally – if i didn’t go through this phase with Emma, I would still be a stubborn mule. In the time that I have known her and  being part of my life has made me a more patient individual; towards here, my family and my business. She always looks after me even when I sometimes neglect feeding myself or not having enough time to make myself food cause I’m to busy with work. Both her and I have learnt to overcome our differences and started forming our own methods in overcoming minor issues. I guess you could say that we have already spent our first “married” year together – except without the married part. I can’t imagine myself being with another amazing girl who loves me as much as I love her. This was a meant to be relationship, and I know that I’m a lucky guy to have a girl like her. If it wasn’t for me stealing her epftpos card and being annoying, I would of missed a whole life without the right girl.  

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